2018 has been a big twelve months for Australian pop, whether it's the victorious triumph of acts including Troye Sivan, Cub Sport and Eves Karydas putting out full-length records or, on the other side of the spectrum, the plethora of small, budding musicians showing some incredibly promising signs so early on in their career. ISY ISY is among the latter, but she's primed for a big 2019 ahead, with a great 2018 - she dropped her debut single earlier this year to a bunch of love, supported G Flip and did a run of east-coast shows throughout the year - setting her up very nicely. I Set Me Free, her second single, is the best display of her promise thus far, combining a lush production aided by Taka Perry with her own delicate vocals, which contrast the thickness of the production underneath. The song itself was inspired and written at a time that I was caught up in a manipulative threesome. Me, my ex-lover and his label manager," she says on the song, which precedes a full, debut album in early 2019. "I could choose to continue to fight for our love and music vision we shared and take on the manipulative beast that was controlling our lives, or I could just set myself free of the both of them and take control of my music career alone, free of record labels and managers control. So when I couldn’t convince my lover to come with me, I cut the cord and set myself free." Today sees the arrival of the single's video, which really acts as the cherry on top of a good year for the rising musician. The clip, filmed at Cracked Records Studio and around the King Cross area, further solidifies the single's themes of self-empowerment and self-actualization, as ISY ISY explains: "I think this video really captures the story but also the happiness and freedom it brought me, the situation and process was not an easy decision or change but one of the best I have ever made. I feel the first minute of the video definitely reflects the raw emotion that comes with the lyrics of the song and I am so glad it also shows the madness and how random and fun I am." Watch the clip below, and better get to know ISY ISY ahead of a big year ahead.”



Sydney vocalist/producer/DJ Isy Isy returns with her sultry sophomore single, I Set Me Free due to be released on the 28th of November. Isy gained notoriety earlier this year with her debut single, All The Time which was premiering by Stoney Roads and consequently landed on Triple J’s, her single "I Set Me Free" was later exclusively premiered on Triple J's Home and Hosed.


Isy once again teaming up with production extraordinaire Taka Perry (Ruel, KG & Max Frost) comes in hot and heavy with I Set Me Free, originally written in 2015 the track acted as a celebration of freedom after breaking free from the beautiful intoxication of love and the self-empowerment found along the journey.   


ISY ISY combines the bold, the delicate, and the radiant. Her music is a vivacious 


explosion of sultry bass, effortless groove, and unapologetic self-love. Her sophomore single follows suit, while it starts with natural keys and delicate, floating vocals it gradually expands rising into a composition filled with drawing, heavy bass synths and light yet controlling vocals. 





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'All The Time' is an unashamedly eccentric take on electronica. Following a story of love and life through its pitfalls and highs, the instrumentation shadows its path, shifting from distant and hazy synths to electrifyingly bold bass. ISY ISY's distinctive vocals float above - gently storytelling, and at other times, striking and pronounced. 

In ISY's words, "All The Time is about having lived in the moment, being lost for direction, and then falling in love with yourself again. I never thought I would actually release this song. But once I took the demo into the studio with Taka and laid down the bass, I knew I had made the right decision." 

An unstoppable force, ISY ISY will release her debut EP, 'Levels' in late 2018.

Produced by young gun Taka Perry (Mallrat, LANKS, Max Frost), the release is set to shake the electro-pop world on it's head.